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PCS Coaching in Hindi Medium

PCS is a Provincial Civil Service is civil services examination that is conducted through the State Civil Service exam or SCSE. In the competitive age of such examination, it has become necessary for students to find institutions that can guide and help in the preparation. Youth Destination becomes the best PCS coaching in Hindi medium for students who are preparing for the exams in a particular language.

Why Is It The Best PCS Coaching In Hindi Medium?

At Youth Destination, the needs of the students are given propriety so that they can get good results in their examinations. We know that fulfilling your dream is very important for you and hence we help you in covering the milestones to reach your goal. This is why we have certain provisions which will help you get prepared for the examination in a much better way.

  • Updated Curriculum – There are continuous changes in curriculum and syllabus of state services examinations. We keep the updated version of the syllabus which makes it easier for the students to appear in the test.
  • Latest Study Method –the institution adopt creative strategies and method to teach the students. This is done to achieve better and faster results in terms of understanding the subject.
  • Varied Level of Attention – The pattern of the syllabus is divided in such a way by the institution that the harder aspects are given more attention in comparison to the easier ones.
  • Attention On The Language – For students who will be attempting the examination in Hindi this is the best place. The institute conducts lessons in Hindi medium which makes it easier for these students to prepare for the examination.

Eligibility of the Examination

For the examination of PCS, all graduate students are allowed to sit for the examination. Candidates should be of the lower age limit of 21 years, whereas the upper limit may be from 25 to 35 years. The upper limit may vary depending on the state. Moreover, there is no limit for attempting the examination.

Aspects Covered By Us for PCS

  • UPPCS Mains
  • UPPCS Foundation
  • UPPCS Only General Studies
  • UPPCS Prelims
  • UPPCS Test Series For Prelims
  • UPPCS Test Series For Mains
  • Crash Courses Of UPPCS Prelims
  • Crash Courses Of UPPCS Mains

Examination Pattern for PCS Examination

PCS examination has three milestones which need to be cracked one after the other. The first step is the preliminary test. This is a kind of screening test which indulges into the basics of the service. The second step is the main exam which is the most important one. The results of this examination are the decision maker for the selection into the next round.

The third and final round is the interview or personality test stage. In this stage, the interviewer checks the personality and other knowledge of the candidate and determines whether they are suitable for the service. Furthermore, the candidate should know the language of the state that they are appearing for.